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XAT 2024 Preparation Tips And Tricks

XAT 2024 Preparation

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XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) is a highly competitive national-level entrance examination conducted by XLRI for admission to top management programs. A well-structured preparation plan is crucial for success. This guide outlines effective strategies for each section, emphasizing the unique aspects of XAT.

XAT 2024 Exam Overview

  • Exam Date: January 7, 2024
  • Exam Mode: Online
  • Duration: 210 minutes
  • Sections: Decision Making, Verbal & Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, General Knowledge, and Essay Writing
  • Total Questions: 100
  • Marking Scheme: +1 for correct, -0.25 for incorrect (except in General Knowledge)

XAT Section-wise Preparation

Verbal Ability & Logical Ability

  • Focus on Critical Reasoning and reading Comprehension.
  • Strengthen vocabulary for Cloze test, Synonym-Antonym, etc.
  • Practice Para Jumbles and completion questions.
  • Balance quick reading with comprehension skills.

Decision Making

  • Understand business and everyday scenarios.
  • Analyze dilemmas objectively.
  • Address ethical, financial, and management issues.
  • Prioritize unbiased, ethical, and balanced decisions.

Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation

  • Emphasize Geometry, Number Systems, Algebra, and Modern Math.
  • Build a strong conceptual base.
  • Practice heavy calculations and time management.
  • Use shortcut techniques, formulae, and approximations.

General Knowledge

  • Focus on economics, business, awards, books, authors, and geography.
  • Stay updated on current events, especially the last 6 months.
  • Read newspapers regularly for awareness.

Essay Writing

  • Organize essays with a clear structure: Introduction-Body-Conclusion.
  • Support opinions with facts and examples.
  • Avoid biases and prejudices.
  • Check for grammatical errors.

XAT Preparation Strategy and Tips

Dedicated Study Routine

  • Dedicate 6-8 hours daily for effective preparation.
  • Identify topic-wise strengths and weaknesses.
  • Make a time-bound strategy based on the exam pattern.

Engage in Study Groups and Mentorship

  • Join online study groups for collaborative learning.
  • Find a career consultant or consider enrolling in an MBA coaching institution.

Utilize Online Resources

  • Download study material and exam preparation apps.
  • Access sectional preparation videos for flexible learning.

Time Management and Mock Tests

  • Allot time limits to each section and practice time management.
  • Regularly attempt XAT mock tests for practical experience.
  • Analyze each mock test for areas of improvement.

Last Month’s XAT Preparation Tips

Intensify Mock Test Practice

  • Focus on improving speed and accuracy in each mock test.
  • Analyze and learn from mistakes to refine strategies.

Concept Revision and Short Notes

  • Revise key concepts and theorems.
  • Create concise, last-minute revision notes.

Vocabulary and General Knowledge

  • Memorize vocabulary and word meanings.
  • Devote time to the GK section, focusing on memorization.


In the final month, intensify your efforts with targeted mock test practice, concept revision, and vocabulary enhancement. A disciplined approach and regular analysis of mock tests will contribute significantly to your success in XAT 2024. Good luck!

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