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A premium level program paying emphasis to the international best practices, state of the art tools and experiential learning from the best career consultant. Do you want to get the best entrance to a BTech, BBA, MBA, or LLB Course? You’ve come to the right site if the response is affirmative. For everyone trying to build a bright future, career counselling in Kolkata is essential.

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About Career Counselling

Step Up Career – Step Ahead of Others

Looking for the best MBA admission consultant in Kolkata? Do you need consultation for LLB, BBA or BTech admission? You’re on the right page.

Step up Career has come a long way from being just another career consultant to becoming the first and best choice for the students. We provide top-notch career guidance and counselling to the engineering, medical and management aspirants for admissions to the elite institutes.

The time you join us for career counselling, you start and stay miles ahead of your competitors. Keep in mind that you are not alone in your journey, we are always with you to colour your dream.

We support you whether your goal is admission to an MBA, LLB, BBA, or BTech degree. We stand out as the best option for students, providing outstanding counselling for those aspiring to careers in engineering, medicine, and management.

By choosing us, you gain an advantage over your competitors. We are by your side to make your dreams come true, so you are never alone in this journey. We help you in making decisions that will lead to a prosperous future. You will be well-prepared and maintain an edge in your academic and professional endeavours with our guidance.

You can start your path to success with Step Up Career.

Students and Institutes – A “Many To Few” Relation

Before we get into explaining the need of taking advice from educational consultants, let us first take a look at an important scenario.

Most students are too confused to choose the right path. Options are galore; unfortunately, it adds to their confusions.

There are many top-tier colleges, universities and institutes that impart courses and training in management, law, medical science and engineering. Some institutes allow direct admission for MBA, BBA and BCA. However, there are only a few institutes compared to the number of aspiring managers, doctors, lawyers and engineers. It is not hard to guess that competition is stiff and with every passing day, getting stiffer.

Let us now consider two sets – one represents students and another represents institutes. If we draw a Ven Diagram, it will establish a many-to-few kind of relationship. In other words, too many students are chasing too few institutes. This is why choosing a reputed career consultant is a good decision for the ambitious students.

Why Enroll in Step Up?

Gain mastery through practice

With us, you can get hands-on learning experience through live projects, case studies, practical exposure and assignments.

Develop a career in career counselling:

You can attract opportunities and target jobs in the rapidly developing and in demand field of career counselling as well.

Improve your resume:

Create a compiling CV and help it stand out through a certification from global career guidance bodies.

Who needs Career Counselling?

Tough competition aside, most students make wrong career choices and regret their decision only when nothing can be done. This is the scenario where career counselling comes handy.

About 44% of students rue their career decision. But if you need guidance- here a BBA admission consultant can help you explore the benefits of a Bachelor of Business Administration and find the best institutions offering this program. They will guide you through the admission process, ensuring you make the right choice.

The figure is going up. Do you want yourself to be counted as one of them? Or love to make the choice that will take you to the dizzying height of your career? This is why, career guidance and consultation makes sense, provided done at the right time.

An education consultant takes full responsibility for students’ admission to management, engineering, medical and law institutes. The leading consultants have a full list of the government–approved colleges, universities and other educational institutes for MBA, BTech, Medical and Law admission. Hence, they can suggest the right institutes and make all the necessary arrangements to ensure smooth admissions for BTech, MBA and other courses. Find the convenience of career counselling online and get advice from qualified experts wherever you are to help you make the best career choices.

Why Step up Career?

Step up Career – the name drops an energetic bomb in your career counselling and choice.

Step up Career talks to students, understands their ambition, explains the admission criterion, elaborates on the current and changing education landscape and guides them take the right decision. If you need career guidance in Kolkata, our expert counsellors offer personalized advice to help you make informed choices about your future.

Most students struggle to choose the right stream, college or course. Our career counselling, by exploring their experience and career assessment tests, help you take the perfect decision in your career. 

We take a scientific and step-wise approach throughout the process of BTech, LLA, BCA, MBA and BBA counselling. Transparency is ensured at every step. We build up the right ambiance to make you feel relaxed and engage you in friendly conversations. It encourages you to speak your mind; you find it easier to articulate your goals. Career consultants know all the top universities, programmes, and employment opportunities. You can increase your chances of success with their assistance, especially if you want to pursue a lucrative profession in business. For those aspiring to excel in the business world, seeking guidance from the best MBA consultants is crucial.

Your decision can make or break your career. At no expense, you should get your time, effort and money wasted on a wrong choice. We discuss at length, assess your merits and demerits and suggest the right course as well as the best institute.

Now, it’s time to look at different jobs that match you. The career consultant in Kolkata tells you about jobs in fields you might like, what they involve, and what you need to get them. They also share what’s in demand in the job market.

Remember every decision and effort is time-tuned. So, step in time for consultation. Step up Career, with proven expertise, professional experience and in-depth understanding of industry trends and needs, can suggest a career path that suits and serves you the best.  

Learn and grow with us

Career counselling is helpful for every student and professionals out there and you can join us to learn and grow with us.

Develop a career in career counselling

Develop your career in the field of career counselling by attracting jobs and opportunities.

Learn from the best industrial leaders

You can learn from some of the best industry leaders and create your dream career.

Fulfil your business aspirations

You can fulfil all your entrepreneurial aspirations with our career Consultants.

Improve your resume

It is time to improve your resume with the best BTech admission consultant.

Set up a holistic ecosystem

Set yourself boundaries and limit the career opportunities that you want to target.

Gain mastery through practice

Our best career consultants Kolkata will help you gain mastery over lots of practicing.

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