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Which MBA College Is Best with Low Fees?

MBA College

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While many students want to get a management degree from the best colleges for MBA admission, the expense of the management program makes it challenging for multiple students to follow their dreams. This article will highlight the best MBA colleges with low fees in India to help the students climb the ladder of future success.

In a country like India, if you want to make MBA admission applications better, your thought will seem like a dream for many people. With that being stated, the prospects of education in our country have been increasing and are offering better possibilities to every student. Some opportunities are pretty expensive to afford every time if you want to put the best one forward. Multiple higher education management programs are provided at expenses that may not be affordable by the maximum of the population in India. Direct MBA admission is one of them.

Master of Business administration is one of the most pursued Management courses in India and throughout the world. This course is provided in multiple institutes in the nation, but all institutes are not the best, and neither come at an affordable price. It is the reason why many students that look forward to pursuing MBA take another step ahead in their career, because the huge fees and expenses restrict them from pursuing their dreams. To manage this situation, we will cover the list of the best MBA colleges in India with low fees in this article.

Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi

The Faculty of Management studies was established in the year 1954 and is one of the oldest and best business colleges in India. Suppose you are looking for the best colleges for MBA admission in India. In that case, you need to know that this college has ranked among the top 10 business management colleges of India consistently for the last 3 years.

It is a college that has given a tough competition to Indian Institute of Managements multiple times by getting the best spot among the top five colleges in India. As an old college, it also has multiple Global associations with institutes like the University of Berkeley, California and the United States of America.

The best MBA consultants can train you for your examination and can provide you with the opportunity to get an admission to this college. It is a part of Delhi University and the placement turns out to be the least concerning for this college because the name itself attracts multiple companies for recruiting students from this college. You can check out the college website for the detailed MBA program and admission details.

KJ Somaiya Institute Of Management Studies And Research

KJ Somaiya Institute Of Management Studies And Research is one of the few names that students recall when it comes to the best MBA colleges with low fees in India. This college has had its position among the best 25 business management colleges in the country from 1981.

You will get multiple full time and part time programs for business management in this college. It is one of the best colleges for direct MBA admission offering programs in multiple disciplines like retail Management, international business management, integrated Marketing and communication, sports management, financial services management, data science and analytics, Healthcare management and human resources.

The part time courses for management offered by this college are human resource Management, finance Management, marketing management and information management. All the MBA programs in this Institute are approved by the All India council of technical education.

Bangalore University

Bangalore university is one of the best mba colleges with low fees in India. The master of business management program with low season bangalore is provided by bangalore university having an affiliation to the bangalore university MBA program. The program fees range from rupees 66000 to rupees 75000 for postgraduate diploma in management and other national examinations.

There is one gap in the fee structure for all India category candidates and Karnataka domicile opting for Bangalore University. The fee structure for MBA for Karnataka domicile candidates is very low and it is higher as compared to all India category candidates.

Department Of Management Studies, Pune

This university is one of the renowned and oldest public universities in India. Direct MBA admission is possible under its department of management sciences. The full time degree offered by this college is provided in five functional areas like marketing, human resource, operations, systems and finance.

The best MBA consultants can provide you with the required training that help you seek the specialisations in this college. To make sure that the development of the students is at the right pace, the university also carries out additional training sessions associated with group discussions and personal interviews along with domain knowledge and general awareness. The overall expense of studying in this college for 2 years is around 6 lakh per annum to 16 lakh per annum.

Tata Institute Of Social Sciences

Tata institute of social sciences was established in 1936 and all the courses have been working perfectly for responding to transforming social reality to develop a society that promotes equality, human rights, peace and justice. The master of Business administration degree is known as master of arts in human resource Management and labour relations in Tata Institute of Social sciences.

Being one of the best colleges for MBA admission in India, the management programme explores all the essentials associated with Business and Management focusing on making students aware of the economic, political, social and ecological environment of India. Package for a 2 year duration of the MBA program is around rupees 20 lakhs per annum to 30 lakhs per annum.

Wrapping It Up

These are some of the best colleges for MBA admission in India that have significantly lower structure of fees than the other colleges. Pursuing MBA is one of the best options as it helps a student to secure their career with the best packages that one is allowed to receive after obtaining the degree. Financial restrictions are one of the greatest roadblock, but there are multiple other points that require consideration for having a good undergraduate score, staying consistent and qualifying examinations. If you want to know more about master of Business administration, then you can check out our website for more such blogs and articles.

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