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MAT Exam Study Plan and Preparation

MAT Exam

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MAT is an abbreviation for Management aptitude Test. The Government of India, in 2003, along with the ministry of HRD accepted this examination as a national level test to screen the candidates for best colleges for MBA admission. This article features everything about the exam preparation strategy for budding aspirants. One can know how to make MBA admission applications better.

The scores for Management aptitude Test are considered by more than 500 business schools for choosing the students. Additional rounds of admission also take place after that. The examination is challenging with proper preparation and training. The best MBA consultants can help the candidates crack the examination easily. Considered as a speed based examination, as compared to other entrance examinations for MBA, MAT is quite easy.

Examination Pattern For MAT

  • The examination is considered for 200 marks and there are five sections in the examination – mathematical skills, language comprehension, Indian and global environment, intelligence and critical reasoning and data analysis and sufficiency.
  • Every section consists of 40 questions and the medium of examination is English.
  • The time restriction for the examination is 150 minutes and all the examination questions are in the form of multiple choice questions.
  • There are three distinct modes for the examinations to pick from – internet based examination, paper based examination and computer based examination.
  • Negative marking is applicable.

The examination is conducted during December every year and candidates need to check the official website for latest notifications, registration process and can accordingly apply to get admission for MBA.

The examination preparation strategy would incorporate proper study plan section wise preparation and taking help of the best MBA consultants. Here are the sections of the examination along with some tips and tricks to prepare for every section.

  • Mathematical skills: This section is concentrated on the numerical and mathematical skills of the students. It includes questions on topics like geometry, algebra trigonometry and more. Students need to have a clear concept beforehand and practice frequently before appearing for the examination to test their calculation and speed limit.

  • Language comprehension: This section will analyse the verbal reasoning as well as comprehension skills of the students. It comes with questions on error detection, para jumbles and reading passages. Candidates need to concentrate on their grammar, verbal and reading skills properly. One needs to make their vocabulary strong by writing or reading.

  • Data Analysis and sufficiency: This section will analyse the analytical and investigation skills of a student. It will incorporate questions depending on charts, tables and graphs. Being a tricky section, students need to understand the patterns and diagrams carefully and answer.

  • Indian and global environment: This section will evaluate the knowledge of events and current affairs of students happening throughout the world. There will be no formulas, calculations or methods for this section. Students need to go through blogs, magazines and newspapers daily for improving their knowledge regarding the world.

  • Intelligence and critical reasoning: This section will evaluate the logical reasoning and intelligence level of the students. It comes with topics like decoding and coding, critical reasoning blood relations and more. Students need to carefully understand and read the question and be precise and accurate about the answers without guessing.

To prepare perfectly for the examination, one needs to make a solid study plan by reaching out to the best MBA consultants and follow the plan accordingly. A properly organised and well defined study plan highlighting the routine task, goals and topics to learn needs to be considered.

Proper Examination Study Plan

A proper exam preparation and study plan strategies should include:

  • Meditating for a few minutes in the morning.
  • Avoiding unhealthy foods and eat in a healthy manner to stay safe from viruses and flu that are presently going on.
  • Keeping a track of all the topic wise and section wise content and going through them systematically one by one.
  • Reading blogs and newspapers daily in the morning and other things like journals and magazines as well.
  • Sleeping for at least eight hours the day so that the student does not feel sleepy or tired during the time of practicing.
  • Taking little breaks and between for regaining the energy and becoming refreshed.
  • Keeping a stopwatch or timer for every question to help improve the speed.
  • Trying to solve particular sections or some topics in one day.

You can transform or change the study plan according to your demands. To get to the best colleges for MBA admission, you need to adapt and go forward to the strategy so that you have time for yourself and study too. Here are some steps to help you prepare for the examination in one month.

We understand that a month time is less for studying and preparing for the MAT examination. By following these strategies mentioned above and some of the tips and tricks mention here, candidates can get well in the examinations.

  • Start your journey by writing down your ambition and goal for the examination and for your future. Get a clear concept in your mind regarding what and why you are doing.
  • Take guidance or help from the best MBA consultants to boost and motivate you for your study plan.
  • Read as much as you get time and do not take too much stress of pressure in your mind.
  • Time management is an essential part of your success. So, managing time with the proper study plan is essential. Provide a particular time for every section and read the question carefully and then answer. If you come across any question or topic difficult in the examination, do not waste too much time and that and skip to other questions to improve your speed.
  • Solve previous year’s question papers and mock test papers everyday. You can understand in which section or topic you are weak and strong. You will get to know the area to concentrate on without wasting excess time on others. You can practice and improve more from that and get a clear picture regarding the format and pattern of the examination.
  • You can also join prominent examination coaching institutes in your city and get in a 1 month course and manage proper guidance and self study from the best MBA Consultants.

Apart from all these, text books can also help you because they highlight important section wise notes to help you read online or get a hard copy to prepare you for the examination.

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