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Come And Explore The Largest Education Fair – The Kolkata Chapter

Education Fair - Kolkata Chapter

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The largest education fair is going to be held on 20th May at Park Street, Kolkata from 10am to 6pm and you’ll have ample opportunities to meet more than 40 Universities. Ranging from the prominent courses like law, engineering, hospitality management, nursing and more, there’ll be the presence of best colleges for MBA admission and esteemed universities and colleges like: 

1. Adamas university

2. GNIOT Group of Institute, greater Noida

3. Sunstone Eduversity, 

4. Techno India Group


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Education fairs have turned out to be quite popular in recent years because more students are looking forward to looking for higher education and studies throughout the world. Our education Fair will provide a massive demand for education institutions for seeking education for students as it comes with multiple benefits. Be it BTech admission or BBA admission, there is a huge benefit with the advent of modern technology and accessible organising capabilities for students and institutions. 

There are many reasons why you should join our education Fair in 2023 for the Kolkata chapter as it is one of the preferred choices for traditional fairs. This blog will help you know why you should visit our education Fair. There will be a premium career consultant that will help the students choose and make the right decision for their career when it comes to choosing subjects and institutions. You will get to know more by going through the subsequent sections below. 

Reduced Cost

One of the immense advantages of our education Fair will be the reduce expense of both universities and students. Students need not spend money on unnecessary expenses, associated costs and accommodation. They can visit the venue and attend the education Fair which makes it one of the most affordable options for students. Universities also have the chance to save a lot of money on the expense a setting up multiple booths. They will interact with the students from their respective locations and help them contact the representatives from multiple locations. 

Interactive Experience

If you are looking for a career consultant or career counselling, you can expect an interactive experience because it is similar to attending any other education Fair as you can contact the represented its from multiple universities and participate in virtual campus tours as well. It provides the students with an enhanced engagement experience because they can get a clear understanding of the programs that the universities offer and they can be more interested in the subjects. 

Have an Access to Multiple Universities

Our education Fair will provide you with an access to multiple universities under the same roof because students can interact with multiple professionals of universities and know about their programs. It also helps the students to save a lot of time because it enables the students to get a better understanding of the options of education available from multiple colleges. 

Real-Time Information

Our education fair will offer real time data that is accurate and up to date because our universities present in the education farewell update their information in real time and students can get the latest update on requirements, application deadlines and programs. It makes it simple for all the students to take better decisions regarding their education and also assist them to stay on top of the application deadline game. Be it BTech admission or any other course, the process will be the same for all. 

Increased Engagement

Our education Fair can enhance the engagement between universities and students because students can also directly interact with all our presentatives of the university and ask questions regarding the admission requirements and programs. It can also help the students to get a clear understanding regarding the programs of the university that day might be interested in that can point to better decisions regarding their education. 

If you participate in our education Fair in Park Hotel Kolkata, it will be and useful activity for you throughout the procedure as you want to choose a particular subject. Outline below are some of the tips that can help you make the most out of our education Fair that you are going to visit. 

  • Make sure to spend a lot of time to take a look at the list of all universities that are participating within our education Fair and decide which universities do you want to visit and approach. 
  • Make sure to check out all the website of the universities participating in our education Fair that you find appealing. Make sure to take some time to carry out this process as you can concentrate on the particular questions that you want to ask the professionals of the universities and start a basic conversation with the representative of your interest. Make sure to develop a list and shortlist all the subjects and programs that match your educational demands
  • If you want to study abroad then make sure to have detailed conversations on the education affair that will include programs regarding admission for particular programs abroad. Ensure to understand your present situation and no your marks so that you can manage to carry out the admission test. 
  • Create a list of particular questions that you would want to ask throughout the education Fair because you will have limited time in the fair and make sure to create a question list by searching for multiple topics on the Internet and ensure that the questions level go beyond basic data that you can easily find. 
  • Make sure to check the list of detailed questions with important questions and try formatting and formulating the information that you are going to receive. 
  • Ensure to carry a notebook so that you can write the important topics when you attend the education Fair and when you are having a conversation with a representative of an university you can take some essential notes. 

Apart from all of these, try to consult particular education and career consultant so that they can guide you better regarding your chosen subject. If you keep all of these things in mind, you can easily make the most out of the education Fair that we are going to organise tomorrow. 

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