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Can You Do An MBA After Completing An LLB? Eligibility, Career Prospects And Benefits!

MBA After Completing An LLB

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Pursuing direct MBA admission after completing LLB is one of the most popularly asked questions by students who completed law. This article will highlight all the details that will help you pursue MBA after LLB along with eligibility, benefits and career prospects.

The field and scope of law in our country is at the best over the last decade. It not only makes the law career pretty popular but also provides the candidates with innumerable and innovative opportunities for their career development. As the field is vast, the law career brings many options for students to the table who want to create a career in law. The piece of writing will help candidates with identical interests and provide all the information about doing an MBA after LLB along with its advantages and career scope.

MBA is one of the most chosen postgraduate programs in our country and students can get direct MBA admission to the best MBA colleges in India after doing their bachelor’s in law. Many people choose career counselling because they are the students who want to create a career incorporating law and then prefer to choose a master’s degree in business studies.

A Detailed Guide On Pursuing MBA After LLB

Some essential facts that an aspirant needs to know before proceeding for an MBA admission after LLB has been given below. The steps will provide accurate insights to the aspirants about how to do an MBA after finishing LLB.

  • It is necessary for candidates to have a minimum bachelor’s degree or an undergraduate degree in law because MBA refers to a master’s level course.
  • Students need to plan for their future career before starting with MBA admission after LLB. The best option would be consulting with an LLB admission consultant who can tell you about the pros and cons of the career option and pick the best option for you.
  • Some management colleges demand students to have particular work experience before beginning their MBA course. So, candidates need to check with the colleges that they are choosing.
  • Choosing the perfect MBA specialisation is essential because it is going to play a significant role in forming the career graph of an aspirant.
  • Candidates need to appear for the MBA entrance examination that will be accepted by the MBA college in which they are looking forward to taking an admission.

Eligibility Criteria: MBA After LLB

Before applying for direct MBA admission to any subject, every candidate needs to be aware of the rules that are fixed by particular colleges for that MBA program. The aspirants need to have a detailed knowledge about the eligibility criteria for MBA after finishing LLB.

The fixed set of rules are more always identical for each college but some colleges might have unique criteria limited to MBA admissions. It is when a professional career counselling can be helpful because a career counsellor will tell you about the eligibility criteria for MBA admission after LLB.

All the candidates need to understand eligibility criteria for their particular chosen college before applying. The students who do not follow the rules and regulations will be rejected. The primary eligibility criteria for MBA admission after LLB followed by maximum colleges have been given below:

  • Provided that the applicant will be a law student, they need to have a bachelor degree or must have finished an integrated course in law.
  • Every candidate needs to have finished their education till the graduation level.
  • Students applying for MBA admission after finishing LLB must have completed a detailed undergraduate degree from a prominent University before that. There will be no restrictions regarding the discipline or stream of the undergraduate degree.
  • The students need to have what experience of a specific duration if they want to apply for a college that accepts candidate applications only after work experience.
  • The total marks scored by the students in their LLB degree should not be less than 45%.
  • When choosing colleges for admission, candidates can speak to an LLB admission consultant so that they will help the candidate know that the score of the MBA entrance examination is accepted by particular colleges or not.
  • The candidates need to have received passing marks scored in every subject that they have for their graduation.
  • Some institutes will also carry out rounds of personal interview and group discussion for choosing students. Therefore, the candidates need to be prepared for those rounds as well.

Advantages Of Doing An MBA After LLB

Welcome people may consider that preceding with an MBA degree after LLB is not the best combination at the undergraduate level. But, there are multiple reasons to defy this opinion. Multiple advantages exist after doing an NBA after LLB if the candidate comes with a good concept about his professional plans. Here is the list of advantages that explain why an MBA after LLB is a good idea.

  • MBA helps in bridging the knowledge gap that can be discovered when a student words in the corporate world. It also provides additional benefits to the overall working style and knowledge of the candidate.
  • One of the essential advantages of doing an MBA after LLB is that a degree in business management with a law degree helps in creating a broad range of avenues for students.
  • LLB helps candidates to invite a rigorous style of thinking and MBA can help in developing skill sets like quantitative analysis and teamwork. All of these things are comprehensively taught in business institutes and candidates can acquire practical knowledge of businesses and corporations.
  • The salary of an individual having an LLB and MBA degree is much higher compared to a candidate with only an LLB degree. It is a helpful combination for career expansion and growth and ensures more financial stability.

Wrapping Up

These are all you need to know about pursuing an MBA after LLB. Connect with the best LLB admission consultant today or choose career counselling to help you get started.

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