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What is B.Sc Data Science

B.Sc Data Science is one of the best courses that you can choose after completing your class 12. The basic need to get admission in B.Sc Data Science course is that, you must have a Mathematics/ computer application subject in your higher secondary. It is a three-year undergraduate course has six semesters. The main subjects of these six semesters are Artificial Intelligence , machine learning and Computer Science. B.Sc Data Science will help you to learn statistical analysis, data programming. It will also give you an understanding of data interpretation.

What are the Requirements to Study B.Sc Data Science?

To pursue BSc Data Science Course, you will have to clear your class 12 examinations with mathematics or computer application as compulsory subjects. This must be from a recognized board. It is one of the most popular courses. The subject has high demands in India as well as abroad.

What are the Subjects You need to Learn in B.Sc Data Science?

Common entrance examination is the method to get admission for the course B.SC Data science. It is one of the most preferable courses among students available in all the esteemed and recognized universities. BSc data science subjects list includes various computer subjects. These are Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Python Programming, Data Visualizations, Operating Systems, etc.

By studying B.Sc Data Science, you will learn a lot of things other than Big Data Analytics. These will help you to enhance your knowledge and skills. This in return will help to make you an excellent Data Scientist.

Careers Options after Studying B.Sc Data Science

You will get several career options after studying a BSc data science course. There are many job positions that you can apply for after completing the course. Like, Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Mining Engineer. You can also opt for, Business Intelligence Analyst, Research Analyst, Analytics Manager, etc.

Top MNCs hire people who have a B.Sc Data Science degree. The average salary offered to people for such positions is quite a big amount as well. The amount keeps on increasing as you keep gaining experience. We at Step Up Career will help you to connect with companies who hire people with a B.Sc Data Science degree.

What are the Higher Study Options after completing B.Sc Data Science?

B.Sc Data Science is a study that you can do after completing a basic graduation course. You can also choose to do higher studies after completing the course too. In short, this can be the base subject as well as a specialization subject. It is possible to study data science after BSc. Its higher studies include: Software Engineering, M.Sc Data Analytics, and Cyber Security. You can also move forward for MBA in Statistics, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, streams etc.

How Can We Help

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List Of Colleges

  • Techno India University B.Sc (H) Data Science
  • I- LEAD B.Sc Data Science, B.Sc Cyber Security
  • Swami Vivekananda University B.Sc in Advanced Networking Cyber Security
  • Brainware University B.Sc (H) in Advanced Networking Cyber Security
  • IMS B.Sc Computer Science
  • IAER B.Sc Data Science, B.Sc Cyber Security