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Microbiology and Biotechnology as a Career

Microbiology is a sub-section of science that deals with the behavior of various microbes and life cycles. Biotechnology is also a Science-driven subject that emphasizes utilizing the various biological systems. It uses biology to either solve problems or create things out of it that is helpful. Biotechnology is a broader version of Microbiology. It covers almost everything that comes under Microbiology. Microbiology is three years while Biotechnology is a four-year course. You can pursue both of these subjects after finishing your +2. But, to pursue either of these, you must be a +2 pass out in the science stream. Some various colleges and universities offer microbiology and biotechnology courses.

Understanding Biotechnology and Microbiology and the need for Professional Consultation

You can pursue microbiology as well as biotechnology from any reputed institution. But, getting admission will depend on the marks that you get in your +2. Some colleges select based on entrance exams too. Getting hold of a degree in biotechnology or microbiology can be lucrative in modern days. For microbiology, the course has six semesters. Whereas, in biotechnology, the course has eight semesters. This is because biotechnology is a four years course whereas microbiology is a three-year course. At Step Up Career, we will help you with the best possible guidance, so that you get admission for microbiology as well as biotechnology.

You will get ample career choices after studying microbiology and biotechnology. After studying biotechnology, you can opt for various medical services. You can also choose biomedical engineering, clinical engineering, medical engineering, clinical research, etc.

You can also choose to pursue a master’s after getting the bachelor’s degree. After completing the microbiology degree, you can choose to be a research laboratory technician. Apart from that, you can also become a research scientist, environmental microbiologist, or quality control analyst.

Choosing the right career might get tough for you. Our specialized microbiology and biotechnology consultant will help you in your process of college selection and admission. We will ensure that you do not face any doubts or any problems during your admission journey.

How can We help You

We have been working as educational consultants for ages. We guide students every year so that they can enroll themselves in colleges that offer the courses that they are looking for. Over the years, we have been helping students to enroll in suitable colleges with their obtained marks and eligibility. Our consultants will help you to get microbiology and biotechnology admission to colleges. Not this, we also guide and inform our students about the subject that they are taking up. We provide them with the basic knowledge. This will help them understand the subject better.

Why Choose Us

We understand that time is precious and time is important. We will not waste your time by giving you information that will not help you. Why choose us? Because:

  • We provide detailed consultation
  • Hassle-free and smooth process
  • Affordable and accessible
  • We can help you online as well as offline
  • Customized consultation services as per the needs of the students.

List Of Colleges

  • Swami Vivekananda Institute(Sonarpur)
  • Swami Vivekananda University
  • Brainware University
  • Adamas University
  • PMIT Group of Institution