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BBA Entrance Exams Preparation


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BBA or bachelor’s degree in Business administration is one of the best professional degrees to have. BBA has much to promise for your career and can lead to fulfilling and rewarding managerial positions. The specializations you choose help in determining the field that will help you pursue a management career. If you want to specialize in marketing post-completion of your BBA, you can work in the marketing department of a company or pursue MBA in marketing in the future. Due to this, your decisions can impact your prospects in the future and this is where a BBA admission consultant can help you. How can a BBA consultant help you? Let us understand this through the BBA entrance examination preparation procedure.

Begin From The Base

Basic aptitude and business questions are the concentration of the BBA entrance examination. Maximum questions will not demand a particular BBA course syllabus but the subjects that you have already finished in class 12. Due to this, it is necessary to start with the basics. Make notes and study all the formulas and concepts you will require for solving the questions. Reach out to the top BBA consultants Kolkata for BBA counseling if you want a guide from the beginning.

Practice More And More

Practicing for 4 hours daily and eliminating every distraction can be helpful. You can solve a diverse range of problems and questions the more you practice. You can also familiarise yourself with the previous year’s question papers as it is one of the key tricks in successfully getting a good score in the BBA examination.

Understand Time Management

Try solving critical questions using methods and hacks to answer them in a given time period. As the BBA entrance examination is dependent on your speed and is entirely timed, you need to learn the hacks and only a professional BBA admission consultant can let you know about the time management hacks for solving problems. You need to be an expert in Vedic mathematics including fractions, percentages and multiple other hacks.

Go Through Mock Tests

With the approach of the BBA entrance examinations, students need to divert their attention from concentrating on the syllabus to going through mock tests and question papers. After every mock test, you need to evaluate your performance and work on those topics that you are weak at. When you are taking a mock test at home, you should put more focus on creating a particular time management strategy for maximizing the question numbers attempted.

Concentrate On Correct Answers

As the BBA entrance examination involves negative markings for wrong answers, you need to concentrate on accurate answers. A BBA admission consultant can provide you with tips and tricks to focus on correct answers and ignore the negative ones. It will be the best choice to skip questions apart from marking wrong answers. You need to retain accuracy in your examination and manage your time in a similar way.

Syllabus For BBA Entrance Examination

As you have mastered the tips for BBA entrance examination preparation, we would like to highlight the syllabus of the BBA entrance examination which is a combination of logical reasoning, English proficiency, general knowledge and quantitative ability.

You can easily go for BBA counseling to make your exam preparation process easier. The counselors usually offer free courses that can help you streamline your BBA journey and learn better.


A combination of verbal ability questions and reading comprehension will be the portion of your English section in the BBA exam. You need to practice paragraph completion, unseen passages and critical reasoning that would make the most of the section of English proficiency. You need to have a good grasp of vocabulary and grammar and if you are good with phrases and idioms, you can ace the English section easily.

Quantitative Ability

The questions in the quantitative ability section will be dependent on mathematics. If you have good problem-solving skills, then mastering this section will be easy for you. Most of the topics will be from what you have covered in your 10 and 12th classes. Some of them include ratio and proportion, HCL and LCM, mensuration, volume, percentage and average, approximation and more. The top BBA consultants Kolkata can provide you with the perfect strategy to master the quantitative ability section on your BBA entrance examination.

Logical Reasoning

Your reasoning skills will be put to test in this logical reasoning section. For mastering this section you need to take mock tests, do lots of practice and solve previous years’ question papers. You will also have questions from odd ones out, coding and decoding, statement arguments, direction test, Venn diagram, logical word sequence, number series and more. You can improve your logical reasoning capability and master the examination by reaching out to professionals for BBA counseling.

General Knowledge

The general knowledge section in terms of exams is the general awareness of a candidate regarding topics throughout the globe. If you want to keep up with ongoing events, happenings worldwide and the latest trends, you can easily master the maximum portions of this section. To brush up your knowledge, make a habit of reading current affairs, geography, world history, political science, economics, computer science, sports business trends and more.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria?

Your eligibility criteria for the BBA entrance examination may vary for every university. Here are some of the basic requirements that are expected of a BBA candidate.

  • The maximum age limit for appearing for the BBA entrance examination is 25 years.
  • The minimum qualifying marks for the BBA entrance examination need to be between 40% and 60% in the 12th class.
  • The candidate should have passed the 12th class in any subject from a recognized Education board.

Wrapping Up

Summing up – acknowledging the preparation process for the BBA entrance examination is just half the battle you have won. The entire BBA course is turning out to be increasingly popular in many portions of the country and can overlook conventional undergraduate programs. Therefore we can see that choosing the best college for BBA needs to be your priority and you can do it through the top BBA admission Consultants. Make sure to take enough time to acknowledge the essential details of the BBA course, syllabus, specializations and future career options that it has to provide. Once you have a detailed understanding with the help of BBA counseling, you can proceed and give yourself a chance to take the entrance examination.

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